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Resettled refugees have a wide spectrum of work experiences and skill sets. Some people have spent years in refugee camps where it was illegal for them to work; others were doctors or engineers in their home countries. Our employment team works hard to help each of our clients reach their employment goals, whether that means a job that can take care of their families or a job in their preferred career field.


Employment Services

Obtaining employment is the quickest road to self-sufficiency in the United States. Our employment program helps clients find sustainable job options in the Triangle area while working closely with their employers to facilitate the application process and support each client during the initial employment period. Best of all, all of our services are free of charge!

Our free services for refugee employees and employers include:


Refugees make invaluable contributions to the Triad's growing economy as workers, consumers, and entrepreneurs. We have seen first-hand the positive economic impact that refugees have on our community, and the research backs us up: a report from New American Economy shows that refugees paid almost $21 billion in taxes in 2015 and earned more than $77 billion in household income!

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Hiring refugees supports newcomers on the journey to independence, but also enhances your workplaces. Submit this form to get started on the journey of providing employment opportunities for refugees.

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Refugees often arrive with little to no English, limited familiarity with U.S. culture, and no financial resources. Their resettlement journey is long and full of challenges.

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