Reception and Placement

R&P is a 90-day welcome program contracted to local resettlement agencies, like CWS, through the U.S. State Department. Through this program, CWS-OC welcomes newly arrived refugees at the airport, secures housing, provides cultural orientation, community navigation support, and basic needs assistance in Southern California.  

Once a refugee has completed the 90-day case management program, they will be referred to additional programs as needed.

This program requires the greatest community and volunteer support to help each refugee with physical and emotional needs and to help during their transition of starting a new life in the United States.  

Reception & Placement (R&P) 

Through our Reception & Placement program, the CWS resettlement team provides initial welcome and core services to new neighbors within the first 90 days after arrival (as required by the U.S. Bureau of Population, Refugee & Migration (PRM). R&P services include case management, the provision of housing, food, and clothing; placement in ESL and cultural orientation classes; medical appointments; registration in selective service; enrollment of children in school, and assistance to obtain social security cards, among others.  

 Initial services provided in the beginning of the R&P period are focused on material needs and survival while core services that are required towards the end of the R&P period are geared towards empowering new neighbors to achieve self-sufficiency.  

  • Reception services  
  • Decent, safe, and sanitary housing  
  • Household items and furniture  
  • Culturally appropriate, ready-to-eat meal upon arrival  
  • Adequate food supplies  
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing  
  • Home visits  
  • School enrollment  
  • Selective Service registration, as applicable  
  • Transportation support  
  • Cultural Orientation  
  • Assistance enrolling in English Language Training  
  • Assistance enrolling in employment services, as appropriate and eligible  
  • Assistance accessing health services, as possible  
  • Assistance enrolling in public benefits, as eligible  
  • Limited financial assistance


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    Refugees often arrive with little to no English, limited familiarity with U.S. culture, and no financial resources. Their resettlement journey is long and full of challenges.

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